Hungarian songwriters received royalties of about two billion forints

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Artisjus paid a total of HUF 1,967 billion in royalties to Hungarian songwriters in mid-May for songs performed on television and radio last year. The referrals were made after 44,000 Hungarian pieces of music.

] As written, an average of 25 percent of musicians' revenues come from royalties, but due to the epidemic situation, this has become the main or even the only source of income for many people due to the lack of live music performances. , the authors will receive the royalties for television performances and the royalties for live background music in the restaurants. In the second phase of the “big division”, Artisjus pays royalties for last year's concerts and film music at the beginning of July.

Artisjus counts not only Hungarian, but also Hungarian performances of foreign works. This time he distributed and paid HUF 3 billion 698 million to Hungarian and foreign songwriters (and heirs) for 155 thousand different pieces of music. 53 percent of the total amount paid, ie HUF 1 billion 967 million, went to 44088 Hungarian songs or music. A total of 7477 of the Hungarian authors received this amount.

Of the 54 TV stations processed, 27 were music that sounded not as a signal, as background music, but as a “main service”. 5248 Hungarian authors received HUF 1 billion 3 million in income from Hungarian songs performed on television. 79,574), Zenebutik (70,907), Music Channel (33,623), MTV Hungary (21,296), HIT Music Channel (18,932). M2, where the focus of the evening is on music in Petőfi TV, played 7,239 Hungarian songs in one year. MTV Hungary played Hungarian music almost twice as many times in 2019 as in the previous year, the number of Hungarian songs on Sláger TV increased by 14 percent, there was no significant change in the other stations.

Artisjus 47 radio station in 2019 Based on the performances, he paid 648 million forints to Hungarian authors for nearly 26,000 songs or musical works. Most of the radio channels playing Hungarian music last year were Dankó Radio, which can be listened to nationwide (Hungarian music was played 108,678 times). At the forefront of the list are mostly local or regional radio stations: Forrás Rádió (played 58,432 Hungarian songs), Friss FM (57,925), Méz Rádió (56,486), Gong Rádió (53,832). Among the nationally covered stations, Jazzy Rádió is in 14th place with 49,346 Hungarian songs, Sláger FM with 48,427 songs a year ahead of MR2 Petőfi (46,869) in 19th place on the list.

“Economic professionals The decline of the current epidemic situation will have an impact on the amount of royalties payable next year, “said András Szinger, Director General of Artisjus.

Artisjus Based on. Of this, cultural grants will be disbursed the following year through the National Cultural Fund, and Artisjus will decide on income replacement, pension supplement, and means-tested grants through its own music and literature foundations.


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