If you want to start with your SME and you don't know how, Amazon guides you, look here!

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Mexico .- If you have a SME or you want to start a business and you think you need to know more about this world of sales, Amazon is offering training so that more people can enter your platform and stay successfully.

This next September 1, 2 and 4 from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, the event Amazon Impulsa will take place , the first online event to train SME sellers.

Amazon Impulsa is an online conference that will offer tools, expert recommendations, best practices, aimed at those small and medium-sized companies that are considering entering the trade electronic .

This content includes a guide to operate your business during the sales season and boost it in the digital economy.

The Amazon Impulsa event will have the following agenda:

September 1: (Sold out) L Participants will access information dedicated to training new sellers who want to know more about eCommerce or start offering their products through Amazon.

September 2: It will talk about best practices for the empowerment of business and improvement of the offer of companies to be more competitive within the Amazon platform. [19659002] September 4: For businesses that do not yet sell on Amazon ; Introductory sessions on everything you need to know to start selling on Amazon successfully.

Among the topics that Amazon Impulsa participants will be able to select are:

  • How to register as a seller?
  • Benefits for SME owners
  • How to prepare orders to send your products?
  • How to sell artisan products or handmade?
  • More useful tools and resources for the administration of your business
  • Amazon for a better customer approach such as: Fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon Advertising, among others.

Learn all about this event by registering with Amazon Impulsa


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