In case you did not know! They have revealed the strict diet of Queen Elizabeth II

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England.- Revelations and curiosities have emerged around Queen Elizabeth II, 94 years old. Now former chef Darren McGrady, who worked for the royal family for 11 years, has told an interesting detail about the strict diet of the grandmother of princes William and Harry.

In a conversation, Darren McGrady spoke about the favorite foods of the queen and the things the monarch completely avoids, which could explain her longevity and clarity of thought .

I was in the Palace for 11 years and we never served pizza, not even at receptions “he said.

In the years she cooked at Buckingham Palace, the Queen never ate pizza. I only started making pizza when I went to Kensington Palace ”he said.

Darren moved to Kensington Palace when he started working for Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry.

McGrady too. revealed that the queen likes hamburgers, however not fast food restaurants:

The queen likes hamburgers, but without bread. The Queen's Victorian upbringing says the only thing she should eat using her hands is her cup of afternoon tea “he said.

It was always like this at Balmoral, we made our own burgers. They (the royal family) hunted deer and made hamburgers with their meat. There were blueberries and stuff in the middle, but we never put bread. They had burgers, but not the breads. That's why they ate with forks and knives ”he concluded.


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