In family! This is how Martha and Valentina revived their participation in Pequeños Gigantes

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Sinaloa .- This Sunday the fun and entertainment of Little Giants of Televisa returned.

And, as it will be remembered, two girls from Los Mochis participated in this reality show however, the dream of reaching more, ended due to the contingency caused by COVID-19 .

But This was not an impediment for Martha León who lives in a community in the municipality of Ahome to relive this happy moment with her family, as did Valentina surrounded by the love and affection of her parents and siblings who have supported her until now.

But that was not an impediment for Martha L eón who lives in a community in the municipality of Ahome, relived this happy moment with his family.

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Valentina, 9 years old, who was the first participant to interpret the song from 'El Amor Coloca' did not manage to get her step to the next stage, but left the judges happy for their participation and for having come so far.

When it came time for Martha's performance, her relatives were happy and emotion was felt to the skin, since He managed to captivate the line of judges by granting him the votes in his favor.

On the other hand, Martha was just a few steps away from being crowned the best children's voice in reality, since she managed to move on to the next stage, but due to this pandemic, the San Ángel executives decided to stop the reality show.

Without a doubt, each of the relatives of the two minors were happy to relive this moment with each of the two talents from Mochite.

The program consists of three chapters, which will be broadcast each Sunday from 8:30 am by Las Estrellas.



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