In trouble! Luis Miguel is denounced for covering up the whereabouts of Marcela Basteri

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Mexico .- The lawyer Martín Fracolino filed a lawsuit against Luis Miguel for allegedly covering up the whereabouts of his mother Marcela Basteri approximately 34 years ago.

“My clients (Luis Miguel's cousins) what They really want to know is if they took a flower to their aunt's grave or are going to visit a hospital, then that is the reality, to know where the mother is because the truth is that a person like Marcela Basteri cannot disappear from the face of the Earth, it has to be somewhere “commented the lawyer.

The interpreter's cousins ​​believe that Marcela is admitted to a clinic in Argentina, so they will ask Luis Miguel for proof of DNA.

“We do not know if it is, and I am requesting the DNA so that they give it to me … this is very simple, it is solved with a DNA … let's see, in the premiums in the DNA they will get a certain percentage, you you will tell if he is related or not, if it were directly with L uis Miguel you have 99% “, he specified.

And although the lawyer assures that he respects the privacy that the singer has maintained with respect to his personal life, he does not agree that he keeps secrets with the family of his mother.

He has a blood obligation to tell his family (what happened ),” he said.

Martín Fracolino made it clear that if necessary he would ask for the help of Interpol for Luis Miguel to come to testify in Argentina in this case.


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