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La Paz, Sep 5 (Prensa Latina) Indigenous women in Latin America today commemorate their international day amid numerous challenges and goals to achieve and in a context where racism is gaining strength in nations of the region, according to specialists in this topic.

The president of the Bolivian Senate, Eva Copa, invited to remember the bravery, courage and heroism of the Aymara leader Bartolina Sisa, who on September 5, 1782 was executed for fighting alongside Tupac Katari in defense of the indigenous rights.

Similarly, the candidate for the presidency of that country for the Movement towards Socialism, Luis Arce, also stated that on this day the memory and identity of the heroine and unbreakable indigenous leader Bartolina Sisa are vindicated.

In In this country, after the coup d'état of November 10, racism and abuse against women from ancestral peoples and communities increased at the hands of the de facto government and its accomplices.

In Colombia, the Inter-ethnic Commission of the Truth of the Pacific region reaffirmed on the International Day of Indigenous Women the commitment to clarify the truth about the damage caused to their bodies and spirits, territories of life, in the context of the armed conflict.

Likewise, the National Organization Indigenous people of Colombia stressed that more than ever they vindicate their struggle, because the women of the ancestral peoples are “cultivators of life and resistance for the Good Living of our Peoples.”

Through social networks, they greet the Mapuche women of Chile and the indigenous peoples of Yagán, Kawésqar, Diaguita, Colla, Quechua, Lican Antai, Rapa Nui, and Aymara.

The Revolutionary Youth of Ecuador also commemorated the courageous struggle of indigenous women for justice, equality and their rights, which have been denied for centuries.

'On the International Day of Indigenous Women, we commemorate one more year of struggle towards the construction of a society without discrimination, fairer and more equitable, 'he added.

In Latin America and the Caribbean there are more than 23 million indigenous women, belonging to more than 670 peoples who face a situation of inequality compared to the rest of the population, according to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

According to the UN, 'indigenous women still suffer multiple discrimination, as much as indigenous women or individuals. They are subject to extreme poverty, trafficking, illiteracy, lack of access to ancestral lands, non-existent or deficient medical care, and violence in the private and public spheres. '

' This violence is exacerbated when indigenous communities are in the midst of conflict and women become the target of violence with political motives, when they carry out their daily work, 'the organization added in a statement.

This International Day of Indigenous Women was instituted in 1983, during the Second Meeting of Organizations and Movimientos de América, to focus attention on indigenous women, their history, their situation and their perspectives and was designated as a tribute to Bartolina Sisa.


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