Interest in traditional media doubles in Russia during the pandemic – CountingNews

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Alexander Makarov-Sputnik

Moscow, Aug 19 (Sputnik) .- The interest of the Russian public towards traditional media more than doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic, the President of the Union reported on Wednesday of Companies of the Printing Industry (GIPP) and professor at the Faculty of Journalism of the Lomonosov University, Ruslán Novikov.

«There was a sharp increase in the indicators, the audience of all media grew from 100 to 150 per hundred. Such interest in information was due to the fact that no one understood what was happening and was looking for answers, “he said during a round table dedicated to the awarding of the” Media Manager of Russia 2020 “award.

The traditional media exploded, found, underlining that it is an increase that has never been recorded before, except in the cases of bloggers on medical issues.

By alleging data from a poll carried out by the Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (Vciom) published in Telegram, Novikov said that bloggers' information instills trust in only one in five people, while traditional media enjoy trust among 55 percent of those asked.

The president of the GIPP at the same time expressed the conviction that Telegram channels will always be more popular than traditional media. (Sputnik)


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