It was expensive! Harry and Meghan's mansion resulted in these problems

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EU .- The new mansion acquired by Harry and Meghan could be at risk in its structure and was the previous owner of the property who revealed what it consists of.

Terry Cunningham is a previous owner of the mansion located in El Montecito, a luxury development in the Santa Bárbara area, and the businessman said that the houses in that area are built in an area orographic of very high risk since the ground and subsoil is very unstable. He even revealed that two years ago he was at risk of disappearing due to a landslide in the vicinity where the house is built, miraculously resulting without damage .

The beautiful mansion acquired by the Dukes of Sussex could be located as in Mediterranean style, it consists of 9 rooms, swimming pool, several living rooms, large garage, surrounded by beautiful gardens.

The only advice that today could To give Terry Cunningham, who finally sold the property in 2009, is that Harry and Meghan “always bear in mind” the risks involved in the land and, if possible, reinforce the foundations of the construction. [19659002] It may interest you: What was missing! Spotify prices in Mexico increase: Here the details


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