It will be a girl! And she will be named after a member of RBD, announces Dulce María

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Mexico .- The actress and singer Dulce Maria finally revealed the sex of the baby she is waiting with her husband Francisco Álvarez, who made a dynamic to inform him.

“Are you ready to find out what it is? “, said the couple made a countdown, the father took a tube of surprise powder and the color lit up the space.

It's a girl! and the former RBD the first thing she did was touch her belly tenderly. It was a video shared on social networks whereby their fans, friends and family heard the great news.

“We are happy and grateful to God for this great blessing”, You can read in the publication.

The actress announced that her little girl will be named after a member of RBD and it is about Roberta, the character with whom Dulce María became famous. [19659002] Apparently the choice was easy, because that name positioned the character of the singer in the telenovela Rebelde.

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