It's already in my brain! This is how Camila Sodi suffered the nasal test to detect COVID-19

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Mexico .- Camila Sodi had a hard time while undergoing a COVID-19 test and in a video of the moment in which she was conducting the test showed that she could not help screaming in pain .

The actress, who is part of the list of famous Mexicans who tested positive for COVID-19, began to cry out desperately when they introduced a swab into his nostrils .

“Yaaaa, it's in my brain!”, was the cry of pain that he exclaimed Sodi when a patient introduced the swab into her nose.

Thalía's niece published the video of her test for COVID -19 in her Instagram stories . To the images that she shared in social networks the actress placed a Disney filter that gave the scene a more enjoyable touch.

Camila was one of the first celebrities who confirmed having tested positive for COVID-19. The situation occurred during the first months of the pandemic ; both she and her children were infected with the virus at the end of March.

Fortunately, Camila and her children were free of COVID-19 within days of testing positive. The same actress reported in April that she and her children had become immune.

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