‘Jo .. ugly and filthy’: Adame loosens his tongue too much and calls Pepillo Origel that way

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Mexico .- Alfredo Adame reappeared in an interview with Gossip No Like to attack the journalist Juan José Origel.

The controversial driver did not hesitate to launch himself against his colleague, who has claimed for several years harasses him in different ways; He mentioned that he had actress friends who invited him to parties in the artistic environment and there he met repeatedly with ‘Pepillo’.

“At many of the parties I ran into a guy who is disgusting, despicable, filthy. He is a pervert, a perverted pig named Juan José Origel. From that time on, he began to hint at me, to give himself his cue and his interest ”said Adame. “The fifth or sixth time I ran into him at a party, it was a blatant thing, and then I said to him: 'look pu … about me …, you come back to insinuate or tell me what you just said and I'll break your mother. ”

The journalist, according to Adame, has attacked him on several occasions since he had no interest in having something more in-depth with him.

“ He's a j… ugly, filthy and perverted, dirty. His appearance is of a bad vibe “, expressed Alfredo.

On the other hand, the controversial driver did not miss the opportunity to accuse him of being a” serial murderer “, since he allegedly transmitted the virus of Human Immunodeficiency (HIV).

All this based on the story of a boy named Roberto, who he assures was Juan José Origel's assistant and boyfriend.

“Among those things he told me he said: 'Señor Adame, Origel gave me AIDS. ' He already looked very deteriorated … After months he died. Matilde Obregón told me. I felt it in my soul and I remembered all the bitches that this wretch (the driver) did to him ”, he pointed out.

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