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London, Sep 4 (Sputnik) .- On Monday the 7th, the mythical Old Bailey begins in the Central Criminal Court of London, the second part of the extradition process of Julian Assange to the United States that the Government and Justice of the The United Kingdom should have stopped years ago, according to a complaint to Sputnik by the former Ecuadorian consul Fidel Narváez.

“The political and judicial attitude of the British clearly shows that there is a persecution against Julian Assange,” he says. Narváez literally opened the Ecuadorian embassy in London to the founder of WikiLeaks in 2012 and, according to a telephone interview, his handover to the United States “was the initial objective of the British.”

Political persecution [19659003] «I had the privilege of helping Julian Assange to obtain political asylum in my country. I managed to build certain bridges so that I could be protected by Ecuador, “he recalls. The objective was, as he qualifies, “to protect him from the fierce persecution of the United States for having published the largest revelations of war crimes and human rights abuse in history.”

Eight years later, the Australian journalist and computer scientist fights before the British court of first instance against the extradition order issued by Washington on 18 charges of espionage and intrusion of state computers, punishable by up to 175 years in prison.

The trial will take place over the next three or four weeks , after a first cycle of hearings that took place in February in the courthouse adjacent to the Belmarsh maximum security prison, where Assange has been held since he was arrested at the diplomatic legation in April 2019.

Confined in cell

“It is extremely worrying how the final battle is reached. Julian has suffered in recent months of isolation and lack of access to his lawyers, without being able to make a correct or sufficient preparation for his defense, “denounces the former consul.

The inmate's precarious situation, which worsened with the pandemic of the coronavirus, is a recurring complaint from the legal team of the former WikiLeaks director. This has been joined in recent days by complaints of abuse of process by the US side, which expanded the narrative of the indictment beyond the established deadline.

“The lawyers have put forward strong arguments to show that the extradition should not proceed and I am very skeptical that the magistrate will pass the refutation of this procedure, “says Narváez in reference to Vanessa Baraitser, the Westminster Court magistrate who is presiding over the case.

Agreed judgment

“It seems to me that he has already shown clear signs of prejudice against Assange, as if he were with the slogan of approving his extradition,” he alleges. The existence of this slogan is a suspicion that he has had since he directed the Ecuadorian consulate in London.

“This is a conservative government, compliant with US pressure and that has been an accessory to a series of outrages against Julian Assange in recent years. I don't think he's going to oppose a request from the US, “he suggests.

Narváez reproaches the” imperial logic “with which the United Kingdom approached the relationship with Ecuador during the seven years in which it protected the patron of the portal specialized in official leaks.

English cynicism

«The attitude of the British was always arrogant and cynical (…) They used intimidation and threats against my country (…) They create an empire against other countries small, but they behave as if they were a US colony, “he snaps.

He has not seen his Australian friend live for more than two years and he is alarmed by the apparent mental and physical weakening that his long captivity is causing him. But he thinks that Assange should testify at the Old Bailey, even if it is “a trial with the sloping court and the referees biased.”

“It is obvious that Julian has to say his thing, defend himself, argue. They are deciding on their life. Extradition is a living death. You must testify. You cannot send someone to certain death without listening to them, “he warns.

Exemplary punishment

Considers imprisonment without the option of probation or house arrest together with his girlfriend and two children small as an exemplary lesson.

“The treatment that Julian is undergoing while still in prison – he is not serving any sentence – shows that he wants to send a message and set a precedent”, he warns.

Narváez fears that “already it has set a precedent “because” it has been more than ten years of trying to destroy a person, of having them de facto without freedom, of defamation, accusations and torture. “All this,” he adds, “scares, scares, intimidates any other journalist who is in a position to publish revelations of the magnitude of those published by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.” (Sputnik)


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