Julio Iglesias reveals the reasons why he cannot walk

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Spain .- Julio Iglesias made a publication on Instagram, in which he revealed a domestic accident that he suffered, and that has further affected his already undermined ability to walk.

“I always thought that I would remember it was like turning back my life and living tied to the past. Two and a half months ago I almost broke my right leg and left ankle in a silly fall from a small bridge in my house ”.

In this time, I have been almost unable to walk and doing my recovery exercises, I have entertained myself by taking a walk with my past ”, expressed Julio.

At the age of 76, the aftermath of that accident had already taken their toll, as he had many health complications and already He couldn't walk well.

His followers and fans expressed comments to him in which they express their best wishes that he soon recovers from that injury and returns to the stage.

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