Kygo talks about new album, dream collaborations, and more

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Norwegian superstar DJ and producer Kygo who recently released an absolute masterpiece ' Golden Hour' spoke to Zane Lowe On Apple Music, they reviewed their playlist of playlist 'At Home With' talked about their new album, their friendship with Martin Garrix unforgettable collaborations with Ryan Tedder and OneRepublic he also spoke about his musical influences and inspirations and much more.

First Kygo talks to Apple Music on 'Golden Hour' his most recent album, which he released just a month ago. He says he has been working really hard the last few months, just sitting at home, working on music for at least eight hours a day. Applying the final adjustments and finishing the songs. He always tries to keep a positive mindset and music is the escape for him, this is also what he hopes people will come out of his album, positivity.

They then discussed his work with Ryan Tedder and OneRepublic . Here's what Kygo said about collaborating with them:

It's always amazing. Every time I have a session with Ryan, he's one of the best songwriters of our generation, you can't argue with that, you can't argue with that. So it's always fun, and I still remember the first time I met him. He just walked into the session and there wasn't, it wasn't even like, “Hi, my name is Ryan,” he just skipped it. He said, “Hey, I got this idea,” he just recorded before coming to the studio, he wanted to play it for me. It took him about 20 seconds to plug in his phone, “Just listen to this.” We didn't have time to talk, because he was so excited about this song, this piano riff that he just wrote. And it was obviously a great song, it became Stranger Things, which was on my previous album. But he has that energy, and he only breathes music, and he's a melodic genius. So it's always fun to work with him.

After that, they discussed Kygo favorite artists and their dream collaborations. He spoke of being a big fan of Miguel Elderbrook and Haux . The artists he would love to collaborate with are The Weeknd and Ed Sheeran he even said he would travel anywhere in the world to meet the English artist. Norway says their favorite album of all time is Bon Iver 's '22, one million'. When you first heard it, you didn't really understand it, but then after hearing it again, you slowly grew into it. Then he talked about Martin Garrix and his most recent collaboration with John Martin 'Higher Ground' :

Martin is one of my good friends, and his new song Higher Ground it's … I love it. He is very optimistic. And the chorus feels so powerful. Obviously John Martin too. His voice is just crazy. But yes, no, we have met many times. Actually, he was like a couple of years before me because he had animals, which was a great success. But then, yeah, he was too young to get into the clubs he was playing at in Las Vegas. It's kind of funny. But no, he's a super nice guy. And every time, like at the beginning of my career, it was very welcoming. He was always close. I wanted to speak at every festival and every… FaceTiming and send music back and forth. So, we have definitely gotten closer in the last few years.

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