Lavender and Rose Days in the Herb Garden of the University of Szeged

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Lavender and Rose Days are held on June 27 and 28 in the botanical garden of the University of Szeged. The joint event of SZTE Füvészkert and SZTE NKI Cultural Office awaits those interested with colorful cultural programs, concerts, plant demonstrations and craft fairs.

The two-day event is full of high-quality and interesting programs at the University of Szeged's Herb Garden and Lavender.

The program also includes many concerts, performances for children, a dance workshop and beekeeping demonstrations. Educational lectures and demonstrations reveal to anyone the secrets of medieval herb gardens, the mysteries of beekeeping, the varieties and symbols of roses, or the history of soap-making, returning again and again to the protagonists of the weekend, including 19 lavender and rose. the Terebes band, the Benedictine brothers, the Smyrna band, the Meszecsinka Duo and Tandi Flora singer. The dance performances are provided by the Bánát Folk Dance Ensemble and the Cuháré Dance Ensemble, the artists of the Szeged Symphony Orchestra, the students of the Folk Music Chamber Workshop and the Piarist Elementary Art School will perform. For the little ones, the Grimm-Bus Theater and the Snail Duo offer children's programs.

The detailed program and ticket prices are in the VII.


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