Let's go hard! 'Markitos Toys does it again

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Sinaloa .- The speed, the party, the recess, but also the details of Markitos Toys once again became a topic to talk about.

With his hat, plaid shirt , and in his “carrazo” Markitos Toy arrived in the community of El Potrero, Cosalá and “let's go hard” he was immediately approached by children with whom he joked and asked for “the police officer “To which the youtuber said” no, because the police scold him and take him away, “but he complied.

Later he is shown handing out some envelopes apparently with money which was given one by one to the children and other people attending.

The healthy distance was broken, but people were pleased and even told them: “invite some Morritas a la chimichangas “;” buy a little shirt “,” give your mother money “,” take care of him. “

M arkitos Toys has been distinguished by his constant help to humble people and despite his excesses in his car, that has not been a reason for him to lose heart to help, nor for people to appreciate him so much .


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