Lucero plans a musical tour with her daughter Lucerito

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Mexico.- Lucero praises her daughter's talent as a singer, and announces a possible tour together to promote her album '20 y 20 ', which contains 40 songs that includes themes with very varied styles of music.

At home we sing together, she sings in the shower and we sing all the time, I loved seeing her with Manuel, her father, and on the occasions that she has done it, my heart fills with emotion. Now we have to sing together and we are going to organize something for this celebration of 'Lucero 20 y 20', which also lasts all year … there we are planning and that we can sing something that she also likes a lot ”, commented the also an actress.

In addition to 15-year-old Lucerito, his 18-year-old brother also has great musical talents: “My son José Manuel has a lot of facility and talent to play instruments, one day we will do something”.

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