‘Luis Miguel knows that his mother is dead’: Former manager

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Mexico .- The disappearance of Marcela Basteri, Luis Miguel's mother, is still a topic to talk about, and as an example is the heated discussion between a cousin of the singer and the widow of the one who was his manager. [19659002] In a television program, Lucía Miranda, Hugo López's widow, who was the famous artist's manager for years, assured that Marcela is dead, and that Luis Miguel himself has known it for years, since he has the report of the investigation in which the death of her mother is confirmed, for which she criticized the attitude of other relatives of the deceased, because according to her words they have made a 'media circus' ensuring that Marcela lives and that she is a homeless person rescued from the streets Buenos Aires.

Flavia Basteri, Luis Miguel's prime, confronted Miranda's statements, and assures that the woman found is Marcela, and said: “Did you meet her, did you go to see her?” to which Lucía replies no, and also said: “You didn't go either, because they don't allow you to enter.”

Luis Miguel does not usually touch on the subject of his mother, which also fuels all this type of rumor around Marcela's whereabouts. It is said that Luis Rey, father of Luis Miguel was responsible for the disappearance of his wife.

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