Lupillo Rivera introduced his children to Belinda during their courtship

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Mexico .- Mayeli Alonso confirms that her ex Lupillo Rivera did have a real relationship, Belinda, as she says that her children knew her and that they liked her very much.

The singer's ex-wife spoke virtually with Carolina Sandoval, and this commented: “She came to meet my children. He came to meet them in California, and when I found out I told my children: 'You behave well, anyone who introduces you to be polite,' and one day one of them said: 'My dad's girlfriend came,' and they told me They liked it very well. ”

And it has always been said that Lupillo's fleeting 'courtship' with Belinda was simulated, to raise the rating of the reality show 'La Voz', of which both were coaches.

Lupillo Rivera and his ex-wife Mayeli Alonso

Mayeli says that she is not interested in the love life of her ex-husband, and that she only cares that her children feel good with her father's partner.


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