Lyn May's daughter! Gomita is heavily criticized after showing herself dancing

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Mexico .- 'Gomita', it seems, continues to enjoy its success on social networks … although it has not been easy at all.

The host usually shares videos on her Tiktok profile in which she boasts her great body However, but it seems that the negative comments do not leave her alone.

On this occasion, when sharing a clip “dancing” in what seems to be a pool near the sea, in which you can see with some members of his family.

The video quickly attracted the attention of netizens, who filled it with comments due to his physical appearance.

“When will the wrestler's arms and face ? ”,“ The silicones move very funny to you, how cool that you are not sorry ”,“ Since the lipo was already worth it ”,“ When everything except the cheeks is operated ”,“ It is the Pirate of Culiacán ”, and“ The daughter of Lyn May “, were some of the messages the host received.

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