Macs are also covered by Apple's independent repair program

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Apple has expanded its “Independent Repair Company” program to include Macs, in anticipation of consumer complaints that have been raised countless times in the company's past product repair practices.

In addition to iPhones, Macs can now be repaired beyond warranty. independent repairers who have previously joined Apple's “Independent Repair Company” program. The program, available in 32 European countries, including Hungary, can theoretically ensure that customers of Apple devices can use their property in the long run by inserting a factory component into the gadget in the event of a failure by Apple-trained professionals.

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Companies that specialize in out-of-warranty service, parts distributors and resellers, and not official Apple resellers (for whom the AASP program is open to them) can apply for the program. A further condition is that the company may not use any Apple trademarked term on behalf of the company or as part of its website, unless it is consistent with Apple's trademark policy.

The repair company must also be an existing business and have a business premises. and repair work should only be performed by Apple-certified technicians. Technicians are tested online, and certifications need to be updated annually on a product-by-product basis, according to Apple's website. The certification exam is free for companies that have been admitted to the Independent Repair Companies program.


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