Mariana Ochoa reveals that her son suffers from this disorder

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Mexico .- Mariana Ochoa reveals a illness that she discovered in her son during this pandemic of COVID -19, since with the most prolonged living with him, he was able to detect that something was wrong.

The famous member of OV7 commented to 'Ventaneando': “I came to think that it was hyperactivity, because it is very active. They associate it with attention disorder, in fact. And unfortunately there are many cases in our country, and they medicate children. “

Ochoa said:” In his case, he has a less developed area of ​​the brain in that sense, in that of self-control, to be precise, but thank God it was not hyperactivity ”.

Mariana also revealed that she decided to medicate her son with homeopathic medicine, leaving conventional medicine aside:“ They told me that with homeopathy it will be super well, and with a lot of discipline. ”

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