Meghan and Harry plant flowers in honor of Princess Diana

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The dukes planted flowers in honor of Princess Diana visiting a preschool in Los Angeles on the 23rd anniversary of her death

EU . – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle planted flowers in honor of Princess Diana during a visit to a preschool in Los Angeles on the 23rd anniversary of her death, Monday.

The Duke, 35, and the Duchess of Sussex , 39, currently living in their $ 14 million mansion in Santa Barbara, having officially retired from their royal duties in March.

The couple could be seen digging with trowels in the dirt and planting flowers while visiting children at risk in Los Angeles, and Prince Harry and Meghan also planted flower seeds “forget me not” in memory of Princess Diana.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex accompanied children and teachers from the Preschool Learning Center in Los Angels for a morning of gardening. The center they attended is part of the Assistance League, an organization dedicated to working with children and families at risk in Los Angeles. “The children of our Preschool Learning Center had a wonderful surprise when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited us yesterday! In addition to helping the children replant the Preschool Learning Center garden, they spent time with them, sharing their appreciation for nature and helping to emphasize the importance of healthy eating. We truly appreciate your time and concern for our students. For more than 100 years, the Asssitance League of Los Angeles has provided early education services to children in need. Our nationally accredited daycare centers teach 40 students from low-income families in L.A., ”read alongside a series of images. It is known that among the flowers that were planted in this new garden there was no shortage of the seeds of forget me not, the favorite flower of Diana of Wales. It was no coincidence that at the 2018 royal wedding, Prince Harry chose this same flower for Meghan's bouquet, picking some the night before the wedding so they could be incorporated into the bouquet. In the images from this visit, Harry and Meghan are seen kneeling with the children working in the small garden of their school. With their masks on well, despite the fact that they look very dedicated to their task, Prince Harry put aside his vibrant personality, taking a more sober position on a day that is especially difficult for him since he was just a youngster.

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According to the couple's biographer, Omid Scobie, the couple went on to play nursery rhymes in the garden with children and also spent time reading books on gardening and vegetables.

Prince Harry and Meghan had reportedly previously volunteered at the center with this visit to coincide with the anniversary of Princess Diana's death. [19659005] In the photographs, you could see the couple, who wore masks during their visit, leaning on the ground while they carefully replanted the garden.

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