Mendeszantilop was born in the Szeged Game Park

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Mendeszantilop, also known as addax (Addax nasomaculatus), was born in the Szeged Game Park, and the three-week-old calf can already be seen by visitors, informed director MTI RĂ³bert Veprik

In keeping with an antelope, newborns are already on their feet within a few hours. This is how it happened in the Wildlife Park, and by three weeks the calf is walking confidently, running and jumping at times.

The addax has a strong physique. lightening. A popular trophy due to its long twisted horns, which can grow up to one meter, their poaching has significantly contributed to the reduction of its number. So much so that, like many animal species, its natural habitat is extinct or is expected to become extinct soon.

They live mainly in areas where wars are frequent. The animal, which has adapted to the desert lifestyle, tolerates extreme temperature fluctuations as well as the fact that it feeds mainly on poor-quality, drought-tolerant plants and does not even have access to water. In summer they are mainly active at night, the days are spent relaxing. In their mixed herds of 5-20 individuals, the group is led by the oldest cow.

According to the World Conservation Union (IUCN) red list, only 60-90 adult individuals live in smaller areas in sub-Saharan Africa. The zoo has more than 210 individuals in Europe. It has been kept in almost 80 zoos in Szeged for two years. Thanks to the successful species-saving breeding program, mendesantil antelopes are reintroduced in Morocco and Tunisia.



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