Mhoni Vidente makes a strong prediction about Emilio Lozoya … This is what he said

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Mhoni Vidente through his YouTube account gave his predictions for the remainder of the month and the beginning of September . In these predictions he presented the letter from El Diablo, which indicates that several politicians will fall and visualized a attacking against Emilio Lozoya.

In the video, Mhoni Vidente assures that several current governors, senators, deputies and governors will have to resign from their positions because they will be accused and singled out for crimes such as fraud, theft of resources and corruption.

One of the names that made the most noise in the video of the also astrologer was Emilio Lozoy a, former director general of Pemex as he asserted that several people related to the mafia and drug trafficking are behind him to silence him.

The fortune teller assures that these people want to prevent Lozoya from continuing to give more statements and to continue pointing out people in the public sphere who work for them.

Mhoni assures that several attacks against Lozoya are coming – thus as well as from various politicians- to prevent it from continuing to leak information about its operations as well as the videos that have been leaking on social networks.

However, he said that the things that will come in the next few days will mark a before and after in the world especially for Mexico because powerful people in the political arena will fall and it will be a kind of “reward” for the people to see the people who have been corrupting the country fall. [19659002] It may interest you: It goes again! Judge denies custody of her son to Ninel Conde


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