Microsoft has started the automatic release of the Chrome Edge

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As promised, Microsoft began shipping its Chromium-based browser to Windows 10 PCs. While the previous, now legacy-labeled version of the Edge was shipped as part of the system, the new version is already being released separately through Windows Update. The update removes the previous Edge version in parallel with the installation of the new browser, while synchronizing the saved settings, passwords, and favorite pages with the new release.

Anyone who wanted to try the new Edge so far had to manually download and install it shortly however, everyone will automatically have the new chromium variant default on 1803 and later editions of Windows 10 – of course, enterprise users will still be able to use the Edge Blocker Toolkit to block the installation of the new browser if necessary. Edge is being developed in line with Google's chromium schedule, meaning users can expect a new, stable release every six weeks. After the automatic update, the old Edge will no longer be restorable, and all its shortcuts will point to the new version in the taskbar and Start menu.

Also as Chredge The first stable version of the new browser was launched at the beginning of the year, and since then its popularity has grown dramatically: its number of users surpassed Mozilla Firefox in March this year, making it the second most widely used desktop browser on the market after Chrome. According to Netmarketshare, the new Edge continues to hold the advantage, with a market share of 7.86 percent in May this year, compared to 7.23 percent for Firefox.

The popularity of the browser on Windows Shoulder after the software reaches more than one billion Windows 10 PCs. Expansion is also being positively impacted by the ever-expanding range of features, with Microsoft announcing in May, among other innovations, that Edge already supports automatic synchronization of installed add-ons between devices.


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