Microsoft is also restricting sales of its face recognition platform

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Just hours after Amazon announced it would not ship its face recognition technology called Rekognition to U.S. law enforcement for a year, Microsoft also announced that the company would not sell a face recognition solution for live video analysis to local police. The Redmond-based company is the third U.S. technology giant after IBM and Amazon to limit access to its technology in the country in response to riots over U.S. racial discrimination.

However, unlike Amazon, Microsoft suspended sales of the facial recognition solution indefinitely. , instead, according to a statement issued by the company, this situation could persist until a national regulation “based on unwavering human rights” is in place to ensure that surveillance systems are used by law enforcement forces within the appropriate framework and purpose. By the way, the U.S. police had not yet purchased such technology.

or cameras mounted on motor vehicles perform real-time face recognition without prior judicial approval. It is not yet clear how Microsoft will change its sales policy after the adoption of this law.

police action against And big tech companies can't afford to get excessive media coverage of any police action supported by their systems, especially since face recognition technologies aren't considered or considered a pull product in any of the above multis.


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