Microsoft is helping responsible parents with a new mobile app

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Since the World Health Organization (WHO) listed video game addiction as a mental disorder in 2018, there has been a lively debate in the industry about how many games are considered healthy on a daily basis – along with more attention to who players play with online space and how much money they spend to acquire virtual goods. The issue has come to the fore in particular in relation to the healthy mental development of children, and the industry players have since tried to come up with solutions that can effectively regulate the time spent in play and the conditions under which it is spent.

With an app available for devices running both Android and iOS, parents and caregivers can create accounts for their children that they can extensively control and track their use from the interface. For example, you can set the daily screen time, filter the available content based on your child's age, and set who you can contact and communicate with as you play. The application also provides the parent with a daily report on the child's activities.

The parental control app for Xbox One consoles (and PCs running Windows 10) offers many of the features previously available. could have been achieved in some form, however, Microsoft’s goal with the development was to make it as easy and quick as possible for parents to intervene when needed. Since the mobile is usually available to everyone, it was obvious to create a dedicated mobile app for this purpose, the developers said.

For example, the app also provides immediate intervention options for the parent, such as temporarily extending playtime – in this case to the parent's mobile phone. a notification is received that the child wants to continue playing, and the request can be allowed or denied in one gesture. It is part of later development plans to give parents the opportunity to control in some way who the child is dating, ie the contact must be approved by the parent through the application.

The final version of the application, which is currently under public testing, is released this year. expected in the second half.


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