Microsoft offers a new tool to recover deleted files

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Microsoft has released a command-line recovery tool to recover certain files that were accidentally deleted on computers running Windows 10 or attached external drives after deletion. The program, which is still in a rather initial development phase (at least indicated by version number, which was otherwise released silently months ago, can come in handy especially if the deleted file does not have a backup available or other recovery platforms (e.g.

Windows File Recovery is primarily for NTFS-formatted drives, recovering deleted (even formatted) or corrupted files, but also supports FAT, exFAT, and ReFS file systems in signature mode. , true, in this case, the recovery may take longer. The mode used may also depend on how much time has elapsed since the data was deleted (or the drive was formatted).


We will also hold a Danube Sysadminday and an online IT-security meetup in July!

We will also hold a Danube Sysadminday and an online IT-security meetup in July!

The tool can only recover files with specific extensions, bringing Office documents, PDFs, JPEG images, and MP3 music and ZIP files back to life. The source can be the boot drive of the operating system, or any external drive (flash drive, USB storage, memory card, etc.) connected to the computer.

Windows File Recovery can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. To run this application, you must have Windows 10 operating system 19041.0 or later installed.


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