MLB stadiums are filled with virtual fans

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The intermediaries of North America's only and first professional baseball tournament really don't depend on the full match, where tens of thousands of fans are present in the stadium in addition to the players – at least virtually.

The new season of American Major League Baseball returns despite the coronavirus , and although the epidemic is raging again in North America, the matches are being held behind closed doors, Fox, who has full-season broadcast rights, wants to serve the matches as if nothing had happened.

That's why the empty stands of the stadiums will be filled with virtual fans during the broadcasts starting this Saturday. , drawn on the stands by Unreal’s engine, which is well-known from Epic video games and moves quite homely in real-time rendering. Fox uses live fan overlay on four camera views during broadcasts, and controls variables per match, how crowded the stands are, what the weather is like for the fans, and what proportion of the home and away team printers are represented. [19659007] Regardless of Fox's trick, fans' voices are provided by MLB organizers during every match, including sound samples originally produced for the video game MLB: The Show by San Diego Studios, a video game team from Sony Interactive Entertainment.


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