More than 112 million already have PlayStation 4 sales

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The current generation of the console is popular despite the upcoming launch of the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 4 sales have not been held back by the arrival of the next generation of the console, as reported by Sony, which now has a total of 112.3 million owners Рin May, the company’s counter was still at 110.4 million. Sales are also likely to have been boosted by the global coronavirus epidemic, which is causing more and more users to spend time playing video games under somewhat milder or stricter exit restrictions. Also due to the epidemic, digital game sales have also increased, with Sony saying the latter accounted for 74 percent of total sales on its platform in the last quarter. Approaching the fall and the holiday season at the end of the year, of course, a significant decline in sales of PS4 consoles is expected as customers prepare for the launch of the new model.


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