More trouble in royalty! Model affirms that friend was forced to have relations with Prince Andrés

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England .- A former model has claimed that a friend was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew, by order of the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Lisa Phillips, who is now 42 years old, said that later she was confronted the billionaire, and he chillingly told her, “It's good to have things about people,” according to sources.

His explosive claims aired on British television Monday night on Surviving Jeffrey Epstein.

The publication has spoken with her friend, who was in her early 20s at the time, and she declined to comment ..

But Lisa told The Sun: “My friend was very upset. She was crying. ”

There is no evidence that the Prince knew of Epstein's conduct or was involved in non-consensual sex.

Lisa Phillips, who now runs a modeling firm in Los Angeles, met Epstein after a Caribbean photo shoot in 2000. He invited her and another friend to his island, Little St. James.

She recalled: “I found Jeffrey very charming and he seemed really nice. I had mentioned to him that I had lived in England and he said to me: “Would you like to meet a prince?”

“This man came over and I recognized him as Prince Andrew. He was very kind. It was very brief. “

Lisa did not see anything strange on the island and during the following years she met with Epstein at charity events, parties and Broadway shows.

She added:” He always wanted to meet friends of mine . He loved young women, but none of us suspected that he liked underage girls. ”

Lisa said that in 2004 a friend confided in her about the alleged incident at Epstein's house in New York.

She then stated: “She told me that Jeffrey told her to go to a bedroom and have sex with Prince Andrew. She said that Andrés had sex with her and left the room. I think Jeffrey confused her, manipulated her. I felt like I had to do it. ”

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