Mourning in music! Andrés Terrones Martínez, founding member of ‘La Sonora Santanera’, dies

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Mexico .- Andrés Terrones Martínez, who was founding member of La Sonora Santanera, died early today at the age of 86.

It was through

Twitter where the famous group shared the news of the death of the Mexican singer and musician .

“Mr. Don Andrés Terrones Martínez, the last of the living founders of La Sonora Santanera, by Carlos Colorado, has passed away after more than seven decades of sharing with us all his talent and love for music ”, they mentioned. “The legend of the romantic song, a founding member of this great institution and right-hand man of Carlos Colorado Vera, says goodbye to us today, but leaves us hits like 'Luces de Nueva York', which with his indelible voice will allow us to live forever in our hearts. ”

They also thanked all the stories lived to what they called“ Chaparrito de Oro ”.


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