Nearly sixty cyclists were called by the EVP-EFI Office

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 Nearly sixty cyclists were invited by the EVP-EFI Office

The bikers started from Kossuth Square on Sunday at 9 am, writes Vásárhely 24.

The EVP-EFI Office organized a cycling tour to Mártély. There was a lot of interest in the event and fortunately the weather was good. The bikers started from Kossuth Square and turn to Mártély by touching Zrínyi utca, Bodzási út and the Körtvélyesi dam, and then come back on the cycle path.

Tibor Tóth, movement instructor of EVP, physical education teacher and swimming coach cycling tour, last year the Sóshalmi Reading Circle was the destination. He pointed out that the swimmers who come within the framework of the EVP were already looking forward to today.

 Nearly sixty cyclists called the EVP-EFI Office 1

As the paper found out, many people were interested in the program

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