On Friday will be the domestic SYSADMINDAY!

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This summer, we will not forget about system administrators and IT operators, who, thanks to their hard but often forgotten work, can safely rely on workplace IT infrastructures, be it small or large enterprise environments. Administrators are constantly on hand to troubleshoot problems, but in many cases remain invisible within the company.

At the 11th SYSADMINDAY, organized by CountingNews in Hungary, the spotlight was on them, this Friday, July 17. True to tradition, we will try to please system administrators and operators with a series of programs, including sausages, cold beer, stand-ups and, of course, presentations. Although, on paper, World Administrators' Day falls on the last Friday in July, as usual, we try to give them the opportunity to relax together before the holidays, so we chose the date of July 17th. The location of Sysadminday this year will be the breezy Budapest Garden on the banks of the Danube (1036 Budapest Árpád fejedelem útja 125.)

SYSADMINDAY starts on Friday!

On the afternoon of July 17, operators will be Mayal on the breezy Danube bank. Come you too!

SYSADMINDAY starts on Friday
On the afternoon of July 17, operators will be Mayal on the breezy Danube bank. Come you too!

This year's lectures are based on the topic of IT security, first Szilárd Pfeiffer revolves around the colors of Balasys, what are the main problems with the certificate revocation system, then Attila Marosi-Bauer, a researcher at Hacktiviy, will take the stage to talk about why it is not worth blindly trusting applications that are thought to be harmless. He is followed by a pair of Roland Pető and Péter Varga from theSMART.academy, who pour clear water into the glass in the field of cloud safety. Of course, DevSecOps cannot be left out of the list of reasons why it is worth making a closer acquaintance with the “buzzword” that is being heard more and more often, László Jagusztin, an engineer from Alerant DevOps, will talk about it. The performances will be followed by well-known quiz games with valuable prizes, and from 18:00 the stage will be the stand-up performance of Péter Janklovics.

The event is subject to registration this year as well, on the SYSADMINDAY website until July 16, ie today and tomorrow. there is still a possibility. A detailed program can also be found there. See you in Budapest Garden on Friday


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