Paty Navidad again among the controversy; in 'litigation' with scientific popularizer

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Mexico. Paty Navidad responded to the professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM ) and scientific communicator, Sergio de Régules, who made an analysis of his different positions on Twitter regarding the coronavirus, to 5G, his refusal to use the mask and the vaccines that he says will be lethal.

“It is nanotechnology to modify our DNA, a pandemic for control and reduction of the world population” have been some of the comments of the actress around the vaccines to treat the coronavirus.

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Regarding her sayings, the professor he regretted the misinformation that the actress is making that goes against people's health.

“It is unfortunate that someone with a microphone says this kind of thing and misinforms it. She is rooting for the far-right and anti-Semitic conspiracy. If someone believes her, those decisions could go against her health and it may even be criminal what this woman does, that is, if someone gets sick or dies from her messages, it will weigh on her conscience, in addition, she must be careful because one day she could be turned around and accused of being a fascist and her career could go badly. ”

Therefore, Paty Navidad pointed out that the professor wants to hold her responsible for what the governments have done to her. humanity.


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