Piercing! Son of Naya Rivera convinced that his mother will never return

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Mexico .- Naya's ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, has custody of the four-year-old boy and has been dealing with the pain, clinging to his son.

Josey continues crying asking for his mother, but Ryan tries to do everything possible so that the child does not suffer from this sad absence.

In prayer they speak to Naya, she would be proud of the strong boy that is Josey”, according to a source. [19659004] The actress was found dead in Lake Piru, California, on July 13, after several days of searching. When he disappeared, he was with his son, who was found alone in the boat sleeping with a life jacket.

After the tragic episode, it was learned that the boy would remain in the custody of his father, who also publicly regretted the death of his ex-wife.

Both Josey's father and Naya's family have answered all the questions that the boy has about his mother and remember her daily so that the child has a positive image of her.

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