Pixel 3a smartphones say goodbye

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Pixel 3a smartphones are phased out by Google, the company has officially confirmed to Android Police that it will no longer sell the devices and will cease production.

The Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, which are significantly cheaper than the main-line Pixel models, were announced at the company's last year's Google I / O Developer Conference, and offer outstanding value for money. and because of the frost-free “vanilla” Android system running on them, they have received an extremely positive reception in the market. Accordingly, the next generation of devices was also surrounded by excited anticipation – more precisely, it is still surrounded by it, as Google, despite no longer selling the 3a series, has still not announced the next generation of cheaper Pixels.

Will you be there?

Péter Janklovics stands-up at SYSADMINDAY!

Will you be there?
Péter Janklovics stands-up at SYSADMINDAY!

Pixel 4a devices are full of rumors, they were not presented at this year's Google Developer Conference, as expected, and we still don't know when the company plans to announce them – some say phones may appear in a few weeks, others talk , they have to wait until October. In the latter case, the possibility arose that Google would announce cheaper models together with the next generation of Pixels, no longer called Pixel 4a, but rather Pixel 5a.

Moreover, this may not be the only important change in the series, the leaked according to price lists, the device will be available for a net $ 349 with 128 gigabytes of storage – in a single size. With this, the XL model known so far may disappear from the new generation. With its large storage space, depressed price, and single display size, Google is likely to make a sharper confrontation with the iPhone SE, also introduced in the spring, with its outstanding value for money.


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