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Vatican City, Sep 9 (Prensa Latina) Pope Francis affirmed here today that health, more than individual, is also a public good.

In the catechesis delivered during the weekly General Audience, the Supreme Pontiff reflected on facing the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and pointed out that a healthy society is one that takes care of everyone's health.

A virus that ignores barriers, borders or cultural and political distinctions must be faced with a love without barriers, borders or distinctions, said the pope who specified that this love can generate social structures that encourage sharing rather than competition. [19659003] On the contrary, if the solutions to the pandemic bear the mark of personal selfishness, of companies or nations, perhaps we can get out of the coronavirus, but certainly not of the human and social crisis that evidenced and accentuated the virus, he pointed out. [19659003] In this context, he referred to 'those who would like to appropriate possible solutions, such as vaccines, and then sell them to others' and noted that some benefit from the situation to foster divisions, create economic or political advantages, generating or increasing conflict.

In that sense, Francisco pointed out that others simply are not interested in the suffering of others, they pass by and go their way, as s devotees of Pontius Pilate.


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