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President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Mexico City, Aug 24 (Sputnik) .- The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the federal secretary of Public Education, Esteban Moctezuma, inaugurated this Monday the new school year 2020-2021 for more than 30 million girls, boys and adolescents, of basic, middle and higher education, which will be at a distance, through television, radio and internet.

«I want to open this new cycle school, thanking the moms and dads who are going to help us to make it possible to restart classes, with this education system through radio, television and the internet, to receive classes from our homes for girls and boys, basic education, secondary and higher education, “said the president in a message transmitted from the headquarters of the Executive.

The head of state said that in the new school cycle” it has all the validity because it has been done with professionalism. ” 19659003] E The president added that, when the conditions of the covid-19 pandemic allow it, the advances of the program that begins will be “part of the education that will continue in person, with the return to the classrooms”.

” I am very pleased that, despite the pandemic, the pain and suffering that it has caused, unfortunately it continues to cause, we are standing upright, ”the president stressed, thanking the teaching staff, fathers and mothers for the support. [19659003] The president led a ceremony honoring the flag performed by an escort of students who sang the national anthem, in which a minute of silence was observed for those who died during the pandemic, and ended with applause for health personnel .

For his part, the Minister of Education said that the objective of this new annual school term is “to build a robust, equitable and quality system” to continue learning with the “Learn at Home II” program. , after the previous one that allowed the completion of the previous cycle.

“Mexico does not give up, other countries have given up, some hastily concluded their school year, others left it truncated, others canceled and approved all students, others will return to class until 2021 or until there is a vaccine, “Moctezuma contrasted.

The Mexican government will provide special programming in the media and free textbooks, especially on television that covers 94 percent of the territory.

In addition, Radios from indigenous communities in 22 languages ​​will participate, with the use of 700,000 notebooks printed in these rural communities.

Multiple programming at different times will be carried out on television channels and all political parties donated their official time for educational programs in 36 public media, a state radio broadcasting network and four private television networks: Televisa, Azteca, Imagen and Milenio.

Las clas This is how they begin for five million children at the preschool level; 14 million in primary school; 6.5 million in secondary school; and 5 million more in secondary education.

For families that only have a television set, the programs will be broadcast at three times throughout a day.

The new content includes new models for an «education healthy, with good nutrition and physical education ”, to reinforce ethical values, and will be supported by advice from online tutors, on the internet platform and social networks.

In Mexico, 60,460 people died from the new coronavirus and there are more than 560,000 people infected.


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