PS4 controllers will not be supported by PS5 games

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Although the PlayStation 5 will support the DualShock 4 controllers known from the previous console generation for PS4 titles, they will no longer be usable with games made for the PS5, Sony reported in its blog post on upcoming game console peripherals. In the latter, the company also warns that not all PlayStation-licensed third-party accessories already on the market will work with the latest generation of the console.

While this move may be painful for many gamers, it is not particularly surprising since the PlayStation 3 controllers it could not be transferred to the PS4 console either. As the manufacturer explains in a succinct explanation, PS5 games will not support previous-generation controllers because they already rely on new features in DualSense controllers.

Although Sony has not explained exactly in terms of capabilities, the DualSense controllers introduced in April are making really big changes, with updated haptic feedback and adaptive sensitivity for the L2 and R2 triggers, so the difficulty of depressing can change with in-game events. The controllers also got their own microphone system. While the latter, especially the adaptive triggers, are indeed a significant difference from the DualShock 4 models, the release of the latter is likely to be driven by business rather than technical considerations, Sony is also likely to seek to maximize sales of standalone DualSense controllers, which would understandably slow down if the new, For PS5 titles, it would be enough for the second player to dust off an existing, well-proven DualShock 4 controller. In any case, the old controls can still be used on the new console for PS4 games.

In his blog post, the manufacturer is also in a hurry to point out that special accessories such as racing steering, arcade or flight control joysticks will continue to support all PS4 and for both PS5 titles and Platinum and Gold wireless headsets, as well as USB and traditional jack, third-party headphones can be used with the console. In addition, the PS Move Motion Controller and PS VR Aim Controller for PS VR do not say goodbye, but they also retain compatibility with the PS5.

Sony's practice is sharply opposed by Sony's practice: although the company itself did not support Xbox 360 controllers on Xbox One consoles, promising that the latter's controllers will remain usable on the upcoming Xbox Series X.


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