Queen Elizabeth II changes her palace… This will be her new home

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England .- Queen Elizabeth II is prepared to make Windsor Castle her primary home and will not resume her residence in the Buckingham Palace this year, according to a royal source.

His Majesty, 94, would like to “commute” to London for engagements if it is safe to do so. [19659002] The Queen's absence from Buckingham Palace is believed to be the longest during her 68-year reign.

The Queen used to return to the premises in October after her summer vacation in Balmoral, but instead will reportedly return to Windsor Castle, where he secluded himself with the Duke of Edinburgh since March 19 before his Scottish holiday.

A royal source said: “There is a wish that Buckingham Palace will once again operate as a functioning palace, but only if to two relevant advice suggests that it is appropriate to do so. ”

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