Queen Elizabeth meets the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children. What would be the reason?

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England .- Queen Elizabeth II met this week with her grandson, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, in addition to her three great-grandchildren, seven-year-old Prince George, Princess Charlotte, of five and Prince Louis, two.

A source stated that they all respected the healthy distance so as not to put the 94-year-old monarch at risk.

“Like all families, they have been desperate to get back together … They have all been there for a few days and, although there are procedures with social distancing, they have been able to find ways to see themselves on the outside. Obviously, it has been a difficult year for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as the country grappled with the pandemic, so everyone was eager to go there to show their support. ”, revealed an insider. [19659004] So far it is not known if important matters were discussed during the family meeting, but it was known that it was a way of reviewing the family members.

William recently commented on the blockade due to the pandemic:

This period of time has allowed us to reassess things. The thing about the confinement is that it has been a little awakening to the fact that sometimes we take our lives a little for granted and there are many things out there that can make us all reel at any moment … I think particularly now, as a parent, it starts to make you look a little further into the future on what kind of world we are going to hand over to the next generation. It has been a long time to think, and you can also have too much time to think, and that is also what worries me “.

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