Rare birds nest in cubes

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 Rare birds nest at cubes

Storks and toads were also seen at the Brick Factory Study Trail.

Another excellent ornithological news was reported by the Vásárhely Nature Conservation Association.

The NGO built and placed a floating island in the cubes, creating a new nesting place for waterfowl.

. Moreover, the success is twofold, as two species of birds nest on it at the same time.

One is the highly protected stork, which last spent the last time here or 15-20 years ago, and this in itself is a success.

also a couple who also chose this island for nesting. The only thing about them is that this species has never spent time in the area of ​​cubes, but also in the vicinity of Vásárhely.

Nesting and nesting are great things, but success will be complete if the nestlings fly out happily.

Encouraged by the successes, there are plans to install a similar island in the future.


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