Revolut boosts the speed of forint top-ups

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With its latest development, Revolut helps to make HUF top-ups smooth for users living in Hungary with a Revolut account: as of today, one of the world's most popular fintech companies also allows local customers in the European Economic Area to top up their local HUF transfers. Top-up by bank transfer can be a promising solution, especially since the introduction of immediate payment, and since some domestic banks have booked top-up of Revolut accounts as a cash transaction with a corresponding fee rate.

Revolut provides consolidated account data to its Hungarian customers, and each customer is distinguished by unique wallet reference data. Thus, thanks to the immediate payment system introduced in the spring, forint top-ups by bank transfer can be completed in a few seconds, but in no more than one working day (transfers initiated on weekends, public holidays or after 22:00 will be credited on the next working day). Of course, it is important to keep in mind that all this applies to users who have registered for the service with Hungarian citizenship.

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We will also hold a Danube Sysadminday and an online IT-security meetup in July!

We will also hold a Danube Sysadminday and an online IT-security meetup in July!

According to the company, users can send money to their family members and acquaintances living in Hungary and elsewhere free of charge while traveling and from abroad, as well as receive money from them in the same way.

The data of the HUF account (“local” account) can be found on the Accounts tab on the home screen, here our customers have to select the Forint option and then tap on the Hungarian flag. Local HUF account data consists of an account number and a unique reference.

If someone sends money to a customer's local HUF account, they must provide this unique reference as a message, otherwise the transfer will not reach its destination. provider. Revolut therefore recommends that its customers send their local account details to their family members and acquaintances so that they can receive the money credited to their Revolut account as soon as possible.

Over the past year, Revolut has introduced several developments in the Hungarian market that the popularity of the platform has significantly increased among Hungarian users. Thus, the first and most important such development was the HUF-based top-up in the service last May. Thanks to the size of the company's Hungarian customer base, it exceeded 250,000 last autumn, among other things. The latest development of the service provider, which also covers the Hungarian market, was the introduction of the Revolut Junior pocket money sub-account.


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