Richer every year! Queen Elizabeth II enjoys this juicy fortune

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England .- The most typical thing when talking about the royal family is that we almost immediately think of one thing: money . After all, over the years the nobility has been characterized by wealth, whether it is that which they have ‘won’ or simply that which they have made their own by conquering territories or joining houses with strategic marriages.

Now, just as when we think of royalty it is almost impossible to separate it from the monetary component, when we speak of the royal family par excellence we will most likely transport ourselves to Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the Queen Elizabeth II of England. Much to their regret, it is no secret to anyone that the British Royal Household has a huge (almost vulgar) fortune, but we have not always stopped to think: how is a royal fortune maintained and grown in full 21st century?

Contrary to what is usually believed, not all the wealth of the Crown belongs directly to the British queen, but to whoever has been the bearer of the title that she has had for 67 years. Which means that much of the wealth of the Crown, such as some of the jewels, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and countless other assets belong to whoever occupies the throne whoever he is

For this reason, we could differentiate between two types of assets of His Royal Highness: those that only take into account private assets and those that estimate a total by adding to these assets owned by the Crown. The truth is that there are countless rankings and studies that have tried to calculate the net value of the English Crown, but it is almost impossible to establish an exact number. The 'Sunday Times' ranking quantifies 412 million euros of private wealth while other calculations that add up the properties of the Crown estimate that the royal wealth amounts to about 14,300 million euros .

Unfortunately it is not possible to establish an exact number because Queen Elizabeth is not obliged to give information about her patrimony and neither to pay taxes (although she has done so since 1993).

For this reason, the Paradise Papers left the whole world stunned when among their lists of tax evaders in tax havens was the Queen of England. And although imagining Queen Elizabeth herself arriving in the Cayman Islands with 7.5 million dollars to invest in a fund may be a most sympathetic image, it was all done through the Duchy of Lancaster, that is part of his private patrimony.

Yes, all the sources that feed the patrimony of the British Royal House year after year and that position it as the third richest royal family in Europe are confusing. Let's clear up this confusion by detailing the keys to the wealth of Queen Elizabeth II of England :

The 'little' gold mine was the best kept secret of Queen Elizabeth II, since the duchy Lancaster was unknown until the 'Paradise Papers' revealed his investments in a fund in the Cayman Islands.

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