Roberto Jordán is healthy, well and more active than ever! He clarifies his state of health after a viral video in which he is confused

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Mexico .- In excellent health, more active than ever and in the company of his family, is the singer Roberto Jordán.

The singer-songwriter, Mexican actor and proud Sinaloan born in Los Mochis, Sinaloa made headlines after some people viralized a video in which they claimed that an older adult interned in a care center, was the iconic artist.

However, the reality is that the singer is in the company of his family, in perfect health and wishing that the contingency due to COVID-19 ends to activate his traditional concerts in Sinaloa, other states in the country and abroad.

In the viral video a group of PIN3 volunteers (due to the embroidery on their shirt) is shown visiting what appears to be a nursing home, in which an elderly person, without legs and in a wheelchair, interprets “Give me happiness” by Enrique Guzmán.

Some immediately assured that it was Roberto Jordan 77 years old, but this information was discarded by the singer himself who appreciated the concern of his fans and assured that he is well and enjoying enviable health.


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