Sad news! Vedette Wanda Seux dies at 72

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Mexico .- Juana Amanda Seux, known as Wanda Seux, died this Wednesday at the age of 72.

The famous Paraguayan star had been fighting since 2018 against various situations after that in January of that year he suffered his first cerebral infarction, the same from which he managed to get ahead; However, in April of this 2020 he already gave indications of his deteriorated state of health after his friend Alfredo Cordero revealed that the artist suffered a drop in blood pressure, which could have caused his death and, for this reason, received the holy oils at that time.

Seux made her artistic debut as a dancer in 1972 and although she arrived in Mexico four years later, it was not until 1978 when she burst into the Mexican Cinema with Vicente Fernández in the film El Arracadas.

One of the last projects in which he participated was in the documentary Bellas de Noche, which explores the lives of five of the main vedettes of the golden years: Olga Breeskin, Lyn May, Rossy Mendoza, Wanda Seux and the Princess Yamal.

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