Samsung can push its own mobile ecosystem into the background

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According to reports, some Google services will be more prominent on Samsung Galaxy smartphones in the future. Under the new revenue-sharing agreement between the two companies, the world’s largest smartphone maker’s devices could disappear the self-developed Bixby voice assistant service as well as its own app marketplace, the Galaxy Store. The two services can be replaced by Google Now and the Play Store.

Although the Samsung Galaxy smartphones run the Android operating system, Samsung has so far favored two of its own platforms as a quasi-competitor to Google Now and the Play Store. This is mainly due to the fact that he did not have to share the revenue from the services with anyone, but Apple's business model apparently did not come in with the Koreans, and despite their best efforts, they could not reach larger masses.

According to Bloomberg, the turnaround may have been triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, which may have prompted Samsung to replace its preciously maintained ecosystem for cost-saving reasons. Last but not least, Google said it was rumored to offer Samsung more favorable terms than its previous offerings if the Korean company settled on its own app ecosystem and voice assistant service.

The two companies involved did not confirm in a statement to the press. but did not clearly refute the preparation of the new agreement. Samsung has said it will stick to its own services, while working closely with Google and other partners for the “best mobile experience.” Google has stated that Samsung, like all other Android manufacturers, is free to operate its own application marketplace and assistant service, and this will not change in the future.


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