Samsung has come up with a new smartphone security chip

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Samsung Announces New Smartphone Security Chip: S3FV9RR will be offered as a turnkey solution by vendors with bundled security software

Newly announced Secure Element, or SE for short in addition to providing boot processes, it can also be used to protect isolated storage areas as well as tasks such as mobile banking and payment. The chip has a CC EAL (Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level) 6+ rating, which is the highest level of security available for mobile components.

With this device, Samsung was able to play a piano change relatively quickly. , the predecessor of the chip, the CC EAL 5+ plecsnit, announced the S3K250AF not so long ago, in February. With the new model, the company promises doubled secure storage capacity, and it already comes with hardware RoT (Root of Trust) and secure boot support.

built-in offers the same level of security, be it high-end or entry-level phones or even IoT devices. In addition to smartphones, Samsung intends to use its new SE in electronic passports and hardware wallets for storing cryptocurrencies, among other things. The chip is expected to hit manufacturers in the third quarter of this year.


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